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Origination & Termination

Ironton Global offers the highest quality voice termination for industry partners such as ILEC’s, CLEC’s and MSO’s whose retail subscribers demand the highest voice quality. All Ironton Global’s domestic and international termination services utilize “white glove” route suppliers, carriers and direct vendors to deliver a premium level of service that includes enhanced Answer Seizure Ratio (ASR), guaranteed Caller Line Identification (CLI) and roaming.

Termination Advantages:

  • Reduce interconnection, access and network Cost
  • Coverage throughout North America
  • Connect via TDM or SIP / Multi-ring tandem network
  • Eliminate tariffs and other associated high cost intrastate fees
  • Fast provisioning of services
  • Service excellence through 24/7 NOC

Ironton Global’s (IG) origination services remain best of breed by virtue of our parent company Ironton Telephone Company (ITC) being a 107+-year-old ILEC, licensed CLEC and by having direct Inter-Carrier Agreements (ICA) in fifteen US states. By the first quarter of 2013, IG will have ICA’s in all fifty US states providing immediate access to DID inventories and streamlining the Line Number Porting (LNP) process to deliver faster cutover to our network. This advantage eliminates the long and tedious LNP process commonly found when dealing with ITSP’s that depend on third party origination aggregators for their LNP services. With order rejections, breakdown in communication between the parties and expensive fees, the porting process with these aggregators can sometimes take up to 90 days to complete resulting in the end customer being billed from both service providers. Ironton Global eliminates the confusion and provides a smooth porting transition from the losing provider to our robust network with a team of dedicated internal LNP experts. Whether 1 or 10,000 numbers required to be ported from the losing carrier, Ironton Global’s LNP Team ensures accuracy and service excellence every step of the way.

Origination Features:

  • Nationwide CLEC footprint with access to 6,000+ rate centers
  • Local & toll free phone number (DID) inventory and LNP virtually anywhere in the North America
  • DID inventory and LNP in over 40 international destinations
  • Selective routing over TDM or SIP network for reliability & flexibility
  • CNAM, Directory Listing and LIDB
  • Guaranteed US and Canadian E911 deliverability
  • Unparalleled customer support
  • Access to CDRs/BDRs
  • Admin portal access for DID routing configuration

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