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Knowing you have a communications partner that is willing to adjust their services as your business evolves is important to your success. That’s why Ironton Global created IG-FLEX! This innovative IP-PBX service scaling and pricing option delivers the peace of mind business leaders require to operate in today’s rapidly changing market.

At Ironton Global we know that business owners face a volatile market. Unpredictable is the new normal. To be successful, businesses must be more flexible than ever before. To help you gain true flexibility, we developed an unprecedented IG-FLEX “service scaling and pricing” option that offers you more service, more flexibility and more value.

Better Program

  • Scale back your SIP Trunks or extension count up to 35% of the original service configuration
  • Extend any adjustment in service for up to 6 months

Better Pricing
Historically, PBX’s (Private Branch Exchange) and key systems were an “over-subscribed” model meaning that the number of phone extensions generally far exceeded the number of phone lines utilized. A typical oversubscription rate was a ten-to-one ratio. Today, most Internet Telephony Service Providers “ITSP’s” charge a one-to-one flat monthly fee, per phone extension, whether it be a desk or courtesy phone, softphone or mobile application.

With IG-FLEX, just determine the number of extensions your business needs then choose the number of SIP Trunks (voice lines) you require to place concurrent outbound calls. That’s it! We make it simple and pass the savings on to you.

  • Pay a low monthly fee for every extension
  • Choose the quantity of SIP trunks

Advanced Features
Because we’re hosting your phone system, auto attendant, voice mail and all the Unified Communications technology on our ultra high reliability network infrastructure, we can offer low cost, flexible pricing and an amazing array of features.

Connect and Call™: Simply Better
With Connect and Call™, we do all the heavy technical lifting so you don’t have to. We collect all your system programming requirements such as Hunt Groups, Call Routing, Auto Attendant scripts and program your entire phone system to your exact specifications so it arrives 100% ready to use. Just connect your power and Internet source and start calling. Easy, Flexible that’s Connect and Call™.

Enhanced IP PBX Hosted Services
Small and medium sized businesses must stay flexible to stay competitive. Ironton Telephone started out small and has retained the characteristics of small business competitiveness and value. We know how to offer high quality and low cost communication options to our customers without requiring a substantial outlay of capital by providing Hosted Communications as a Service (HCaaS).

There are multiple benefits of a hosted communication infrastructure

Until recently, rapid advances in communication technology have forced businesses to make hard choices: either make a significant capital expenditure on the latest technology or remain behind the technology curve with piece meal upgrades to your existing and increasingly dated communication infrastructure.

Enhanced communication hosting services by Ironton Global offers a third option. Businesses can now affordably plug in to the best and most current communications technology with hosted services from Ironton Global. Racked in a secure facility and protected by a unique triple redundancy back-up system, Ironton Global's HcaaS allows you to access a world-class communication infrastructure without a substantial capital outlay.

With Ironton Global Enhanced Hosted IP PBX Services, your business soars with:

  • Monthly service savings of up to 50%
  • Unlimited calling plans both domestically and internationally
  • All the premier Unified Communications (UC) features & functionality for FREE
  • No premise based PBX equipment to purchase or lease. (purchase or lease SIP Phones Only)
  • FREE Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC’s) to your system
  • Triple redundancy architecture for the best call quality and service uptime
  • Automated disaster recovery features for service redundancy

You went into business because you have a passion for what you do, and not because you want to manage a telephone system. That is what we do. Hand that work over to us, and we will make it happen in the background of your business, so you can focus on your core competencies, on the things that drive your profit and productivity.

Consider HCaaS as your next step forward in telecommunication technology and take advantage of the redundancy, security, and technical expertise available in the cloud.

Every Ironton Global extension includes:

  • (1) US phone number
  • Unlimited Inbound calling
  • Unlimited outbound calling to all your local city area codes
  • 911 service
  • 411 service
  • Unified Messaging including Call Recording (Available with Yealink phones only)
  • User Portal Access
  • Self Administration of your Auto Attendant

To learn more about the savings of our hosted IP PBX services call us at 1-855-226-0530 for a professional consultation or get a Quick Quote to compare our pricing.