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Ironton Global is a leading global provider of wholesale, B2B and B2C cloud-based communication services. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Ironton Telephone Company ("ITC") based in Pennsylvania-USA, and with over 100 years of service excellence in delivering quality voice communication, Ironton Global brings a broad-ranging portfolio of enhanced IP-based phone, trunking, conferencing, faxing and online prepaid calling applications to SMB's, enterprise customers and consumers. Integrating sophisticated best of breed TDM and SIP based network platforms on private IP connections to strategic carrier partners; Ironton Global services are guaranteed to deliver superior voice communication performance and a premium customer service. Enclosed are a few answers to frequently asked questions.

What is VoIP?

VoIP (voice over IP protocol) allows you to make phone calls over your data network instead of using your analog telephone lines. VoIP converts the voice signal from your analog telephone into a digital signal (voice packets) that are transmitted on the fly, in real time, sent over your internet connection and then converted back to analog to deliver the call to a standard phone or mobile number via a gateway device.

What is Session Initiated Protocol (SIP)?

SIP is the protocol utilized by devices to transfer voice and video calls over Internet Protocol (IP). Most VoIP phones, Analog Telephony Adapters (ATAs) and even softphones that run on a computer use SIP to make phone calls.

What type of equipment is required to utilize VoIP?

A broadband (high speed Internet) connection, a SIP based phone or a type of ATA is required. Cable modem, Digital Service Line (DSL) and or FiOS can be used but in most business applications, we suggest a high-speed dedicated Internet circuit since both data and voice will utilize the same circuit.

Can I use the Ironton Global service over a wireless connection?

In one to two phone service applications a wireless Internet connection may be suitable but call quality will be affected as the WIFI signal goes up or down. Ironton Global recommends using a dedicated high-speed Internet connection to guarantee call quality and an overall positive experience while using VoIP.

How much Internet bandwidth is required to make a VoIP phone call?

In most cases, a standard SIP endpoint (phone) will use anywhere between 40k and 60K of bandwidth per call. Since Ironton Global supports High Definition phone calls, we recommend that businesses allocate 85K of bandwidth per call just to ensure call quality remains excellent.

Can I use Ironton Global voice services on a standard cordless phone?

Yes this is possible by using an ATA in between the cordless digital phone and the Internet connection to covert the analog phone to SIP. All the calling features such as caller ID, three way calling, star code functionality and voice mail are available.

Do I need a separate Ethernet cable and jack to use VoIP in my office?

In most cases this is not a requirement unless you purposely wish to separate your voice network from your data network. All SIP phones now support multiple Ethernet inputs so you can use one Ethernet jack to go to the phone then back to your computer. It is simply a small switch and the computer is not required to be on to make calls over the SIP phone.

If I switch to Ironton Global voice services can I keep my phone number?

Absolutely. A process called LNP (line number porting) allows you to request that your current number be moved from your current service provider to Ironton Global. You would be required to sign a Letter of Authorization (LOA) and we submit to the losing carrier to switch your number to us.

What is a Virtual Telephone Number (VTN)?

A VTN is a new kind of telephone number that is not restricted in any capacity like analog telephone numbers on the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Therefore, VTN’s can point to any device, even multiple devices anywhere in the world to place and receive phone calls. A very flexible and affordable technology and perfect for today’s business environment.

Can I have multiple VTN’s on a single SIP Phone?

This is another great aspect of VTN’s. A multi-line SIP phone can have VTN’s that are different area codes or even international phone numbers that point to their phone. Therefore, when the user picks up the phone and selects the line dedicated to a specific VTN and calls the same area code, the call will appear to originate from the local area code or even country. Basically, with VoIP, geography means nothing anymore.

How long does it take to port my number from my current service provider to Ironton Global?

The process can take from 12 to 45 business days for most Internet Telephony Service Providers (ITSPs) because they use 3rd party aggregators to do the actual porting. Since Ironton Global has its own dedicated porting department and is a licensed CLEC in 15 states, we can reduce the porting time in most cases to 5 to 10 business days to deliver an overall better service experience without any disruption of service.

Why is Ironton Global’s Hosted PBX service more cost effective than other ITSP’s?

Most ITSP’s charge a calling plan per extension. Ironton Global’s service takes the approach of charging a low price per extension and then only charging for the SIP trunks (VoIP lines) you need to make outbound calls. We always allow unlimited inbound calls so you never miss a call and this unique pricing model just makes us different, unique and…we like that!

Why is Ironton Global’s call quality superior to other ITSP’s?

The answer is simple. We use a unique triple failover architecture. First of all, unlike 99% of the other ITSP’s selling VoIP in the market, we do not use the public Internet to transfer our customer’s calls as the first choice. We use private and secure IP circuits to nationwide network facilities to connect calls. This alone provides for better Quality of Service (QOS) and a better overall calling experience. If the call would fail by not meeting our stringent call completion requirements, we would transfer the call over our dedicated TDM network that we have used for over 30+ years. This network is as dependable as the day is long. If both of these networks had a technical concern, then and only then would we transfer the call over the public Internet to ensure the call would complete. That is our promise. That is the Ironton Global difference.

Can I use my existing SIP phones with Ironton Global’s service?

Ironton Global supports all the major SIP phone manufactures, however, if you are using another service provider and which to switch to our services, we will be required to manually reprogram your phone to work on our network. There are additional fees associated with the reprograming process but all our features and functionality will be available on your existing handsets. Also, some functionality will vary from ITSP to ITSP.

Can my existing PBX (phone system) connect to Ironton Global voice services?

Yes it can but it will require a hardware device called a gateway to convert the analog line ports to SIP. A gateway is much like an ATA but just more sophisticated and remotely programmable so we can ensure your call quality always remains superb. There are many different types of gateways to address various configurations so please ask your authorized Ironton Global representative

Does Ironton Global have unlimited calling plans?

We have many different calling plans. Unlimited international, unlimited domestic and metered calling plans that are billed based on usage. The bottom-line, our service plans are some of the most flexible and comprehensive in the industry. We addressed just about every business scenario and created service plans that are cost effective coupled with superior quality.

Does Ironton Global have Auto Attendants?

Our auto attendants are some of the most advanced and offer our clients total flexibility and self-management. With an abundance of options, our auto attendants can be programmed and configured to service a small single site business to a business with over 200 extensions in multiple cities.

What happens if my Internet circuit goes down? Do I still receive phone calls?

We have integrated disaster recovery with every SIP trunking service we offer, meaning; if a call cannot complete for any reason, we will automatically route calls to a secondary number that could be another business location, answering service or even a mobile phone, either way, we will get the calls to you. If your phone system is mission critical, then we always suggest that our business customers connect a second Internet circuit from a separate service provider so your service will always be available. If you are using the IG Hosted PBX services and your Internet circuit goes down, your Auto Attendant will automatically activate to receive all your inbound calls. If your employees have activated the unified messaging, their find me follow me feature (and included on every Ironton Global Hosted Extension) can ring cell phones to permit inbound calls to be delivered.

Can I order my Internet circuit and phone service from Ironton Global?

We offer all types of Internet circuits at Ironton Global from DSL to Metro E and recommend that you bundle services with us. Bundling can not only save you money but consolidate billing and allow us to provide a higher level of customer service to correct any technical difficulties fast and efficiently.

Does Ironton Global offer conferencing services?

Ironton Global’s audio conferencing is high quality and very flexible. We offer all the latest functionality including music on hold, participant and moderator passcodes, announce callers, call recording and multiple DID’s associated to one conference sphere for local calling access. We can even provide international numbers.

Does Ironton Global offer onsite installation and training?

Ironton Global offers direct installation and training within our tri-state service area that includes PA, NY and NJ. Outside these areas, authorized Ironton Global agents and resellers are always available to offer professional installation and training services across the US and Canada.

How does Ironton Global support their customers?

Our Customer Care Service Center is staffed 24/7 with the industry’s most qualified, polite and experienced VoIP technical support engineers. Our ability to trouble shoot issues is second to none and our Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) reflect our commitment to service excellence.

Can I use my existing fax machine with Ironton Global services?

Our customers have several faxing options to choose from and each are designed to service just about every business type. From a simple inbound fax only option that delivers all faxes in standard PDF format via email to installing a sophisticated fax ATA with unlimited faxing; Ironton Global can deliver a robust and dependable faxing service to fit any budget.

Does Ironton Global support Unified Communications?

Our unified communications features deliver best of breed functionality so your business can stay better connected to your valued customers. Our hosted PBX platform offers everything from voice mail to email, fax to email, and all the mobility features required to offer the ultimate in connectivity.