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Master Agents

Becoming a Master Agent is about control and flexibility. We give you that. We understand that you need to manage your agents but you also need the tools to drive sales. Ironton has made this process simple and affective.

As a Master Agent you will be provided with the tools to manage all your agents in a single portal. Highlights of our portal include:

  • Rules driven access and approval process
  • Manage documents (user guides, presentations, technical worksheets)
  • Present information to all agents uniformly
  • Create special programs and custom pricing packages
  • Monitor all opportunities via stage of the sale and manage each quote for its accuracy.
  • Access to view orders and receive status updates in real time
  • Track commission
  • Run reports

Our program is deisnged to help the Master Agent keep the sales going efficiently and effectively.

IG Master Agent Logo PDF

IG Master Agent Logo EPS

Agent & Master Agent Agreement PDF