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Ironton Global releases the IG Mobile Communicator

Coplay, PA January 2015 - Ironton Global (IG) (, a leading global provider of cloud-based communication services, is proud to announce its newest addition to its growing family of Unified Communications Hardware and Software: The IG MOBILE COMMUNICATOR.

IG MOBILE COMMUNICATOR is an application for iOS and Android devices that combines a SIP soft phone client and connectivity to our hosted infrastructure soft switch, achieving Enterprise quality reliability, sound quality and features over 3G, 4G AND Wi-Fi networks.

The IG mobile communicator brings a new life into your mobile smart phone by allowing users to make and receive calls as well as transfer their calls, just as if they are in the office. During the call, the user can convert the call to the built-in speakerphone or to their Bluetooth connected headset or go back to the earpiece at any time.

Video is built-in on iOS devices with Android in tow. Thus users calling each other can also see each other with uncompromising quality that does not take away from the HD voice quality.

One of the revolutionary components of the IG mobile communicator is the ability to record the call with the press of a button, or set it to record ALL calls with or without an intermittent beep so as to comply with local laws, where applicable.

Users can also instant message at any time with the ability to recall the text history at any time. Users also have available to them the call logs where they can check the call detail reporting and examine their incoming, outgoing or even missed calls alongside with the date and time stamp and be able to redial from the call log at any time.

The software also natively integrates with the local contacts without the need to import them. Contacts can also be swapped with other users using NFC technology on supported Android devices. Speed dial and quick dial allows users to connect with frequently dialed contacts with 1 key, and even has the picture of the contact, or a picture can be taken with the phone's camera and easily added to the contact.

The IG mobile communicator adds significant value to our growing offering". "Mobility is no luxury in the workplace, "but mandatory, and while other soft phone clients exist, seldom are they connected to a cloud infrastructure and have this level of high availability and quality of interface, video and sound. We are excited to be a leading company to add these features at a very reasonable price, or simply get a "second line" for your mobile phone, which include unlimited calling to all domestic U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico with no roaming charges".

Indeed, the IG mobile communicator brings about the freedom to roam anywhere and yet to be connected to the office, all while adding Unified Communications features and unlimited calling.

Last, the software is extremely power efficient and goes to sleep when not in use so as not to consume any battery power, and only wakes up when used or when getting a call. This is unlike most other soft phones on the market. Indeed, another revolutionary feature from Ironton Global.

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About Ironton Global
IG (Ironton Global) is a leading global provider of wholesale and retail, B2B and B2C cloud-based communication services. As a wholly owned subsidiary of Ironton Telephone Company (ITC) headquartered within the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, USA, IG encompasses more than 107 years of service excellence in delivering quality voice communication. IG enables a broad portfolio of enhanced IP-based services, trunking, conferencing, faxing and online prepaid calling applications to SMBs, enterprise customers and consumers on a global level. By combining sophisticated best-of-breed TDM and SIP-based network platforms, and private IP connections to multiple strategic worldwide carrier partners, IG services are guaranteed to deliver superior voice communication performance, reliability and uncommon customer experience backed by 24x7 U.S. based support. Find out more at or call (610) 794-1000.

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