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Ironton Global partners with Contingent

In order to enable its agents and Master Agents to be able to install and service customers beyond their area of service, Ironton Global has partnered with Contingent, a global IT services company specializing in deploying and resolving technical issues as it relates to SIP Telephony, LANs, WANs, and much more.

Ironton Global Agents can now work with their dedicated sales representative, in order to offer their customers the ability to deploy and manage all products and services offered by Ironton Global. Our agents are now able to install and service their clients as it relates to our Cloud IP PBX, WAN infrastructure circuits, security appliances, routers, switches, wireless devices and many other IT peripherals, wherever they are in the United States, with a predictable cost model and a dispatch system that is second to none.

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Ironton Global announces new partnership with 3CX

Coplay, PA November 2014- Ironton Global (IG) (, a leading global provider of cloud-based communication services, is proud to announce a partnership with 3CX. Partners can now deploy fully certified Ironton Global High Definition SIP trunks on 3CX phone systems.

LONDON UK, DALLAS USA November 11th 2014 – 3CX, developer of the award winning Windows-based VoIP PBX 3CX Phone System, announces the successful interoperability testing with Ironton Global. 3CX customers can now take full advantage of a standard template to activate Ironton Global SIP trunks for their 3CX Phone System.

Ironton Global’s HD SIP trunk configuration is now fully integrated with 3CX Phone Systems, ensuring that setting up the SIP trunks is transparent and effortless. As a certified 3CX SIP provider, Ironton Global’s HD SIP trunk services are fully guaranteed to work seamlessly with 3CX phone systems, including the latest v12.5 of its software, and any future releases.

Ironton Global’s SIP Trunking solutions are deployed throughout North America and are available via static IP or authenticated connections. With plans ranging from unlimited calling to the United States to unlimited voice paths, any size business will be well served with dependable HD voice quality service from Ironton Global.

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Ironton Telephone......107th Anniversary Celebration!

Ironton Telephone......107th Anniversary Celebration!

107 Years – 1909 to 2014

Family-owned in Coplay, Pennsylvania, in the rolling fields of rural Pennsylvania, Ironton Telephone Company was founded in 1909. Since our humble days of having only 6 customers and 6 miles of open wire, Ironton Telephone Company has evolved into a nationally recognized company and brand with services across the globe. From our traditional telephone services to our Next-Gen Cloud Communications solutions, customers rave about our reliability, flexibility and quality. Our hallmarks of quality, affordability, and customer excellence are always front and center.

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Ironton Global releases the IG Mobile Communicator

Coplay, PA January 2015 - Ironton Global (IG) (, a leading global provider of cloud-based communication services, is proud to announce its newest addition to its growing family of Unified Communications Hardware and Software: The IG MOBILE COMMUNICATOR.

IG MOBILE COMMUNICATOR is an application for iOS and Android devices that combines a SIP soft phone client and connectivity to our hosted infrastructure soft switch, achieving Enterprise quality reliability, sound quality and features over 3G, 4G AND Wi-Fi networks.

The IG mobile communicator brings a new life into your mobile smart phone by allowing users to make and receive calls as well as transfer their calls, just as if they are in the office. During the call, the user can convert the call to the built-in speakerphone or to their Bluetooth connected headset or go back to the earpiece at any time.

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